Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why You Shouldn't Try To Copy Cartoons; or Why I'm Stupid Sometimes

So, sometimes I'm kind of an idiot.

It's not intentional! It's not like I think 'wow, that's a REALLY stupid idea. I'm going to do it now!'. I just don't think, sometimes. It's like my brain goes, 'OK, you wanna do this? Alright! I'm stepping back. Enjoy feeling like a COMPLETE dipshit in a moment. And learn from your mistakes this time!'

This all started when I watched Tangled with my little sister.

Tangled is an awesome movie, first off. I highly recommend it, even if it did lead to me being stupid. But the relevant factor is that one of the characters has a swordfight with a number of others, except he doesn't have a sword. He uses a frying pan. And later, one of the other characters uses a frying pan to take out a bunch of guards, and that first character says "Frying pans! Who knew, right?"

Keep that in mind.

The other night was a birthday party for my dad. My extended family came out, we had steak, it was a wonderful thing. I also may have had a bit of alcohol. KIDS, DON'T DRINK UNTIL YOU'RE LEGAL. I'm legal. So ha. ANYWAY,  I wasn't that bad. My sister and I were doing dishes, and I was drying a frying pan.

OK, so my sister has this tendency to sing while she's working. Normally I'm down with that, but I'd had a crappy day and my head was on the verge of exploding with pain. I flailed at her with the frying pan from across the room, yelling "STOOOOP IIIIIT" or some other super-mature thing like that. She stopped for a moment, pointed at the frying pan, and we said, in unison, "FRYING PANS! WHO KNEW, RIGHT?!?" which is that quote from the movie I wanted you to keep in mind.

ANYWAY, then she started singing again. I don't remember what it was exactly, but it was probably one of the songs from Tangled, since we'd just quoted it. I got pissy (pissier), and flailed at her again with the frying pan.

The only problem was, she'd moved closer to me than she had been before.

I clocked her RIGHT in the face. Like, full on KAPOW! with a frying pan. In the face.

Since it WAS an accident, I immediately dropped the stupid frying pan and started apologizing and babbling about how I'm stupid and oh my god I'm so sorry and holy crap your face is gonna BRUISE LIKE HELL and ha this would make a funny blogpost and I'm SO SO SO SORRYYYYYYYY!!!

She, being the wonderful she that she is, has forgiven me for being stupid. My parents... they SAY they've forgiven me, but they will, at the very least, be giving me shit about this until... well, forever.

And this, children, is why we do NOT copy cartoons. Tangled was an animated movie. I should not have tried to do what they did. No flailing around with frying pans for me, EVER AGAIN. Although it's turning into a lovely threat for when my family pisses me off. I just start mumbling about a frying pan and then... well, whatever.

My point is, I'm stupid sometimes. Also, don't try to copy cartoons. It ends in pain.