Monday, July 25, 2011

A Weird Thought...

So this was my thought process the other day while getting coffee....

"You ever walk past a total sketch-pot and wonder to yourself, ‘is he some sort of drug-lord? Is he making a deal soon? Crap, what if I wander into the middle of his deal and end up dead? Oh God, what if he’s meeting someone and he doesn’t know what they look like since they’ve never met face-to-face, and so they said “I’ll be the one who walks past you and coughs twice. Follow me and I’ll give you the drugs”.’ And then you think to yourself, ‘oh DAMN IT, I just walked past him and coughed twice! OH MY GOD I’m gonna freaking die!’ And then you wonder if he’s an undercover cop and now he’s gonna think you’re involved in drug trafficking, and you’re gonna go to prison FOREVER, and not the nice prison either, the scary grown-up prison! Not that any prisons are nice, but you're over eighteen now, you'd go to fully-grown-adult prison! You've seen Lifetime movies, you know what happens in those prisons! And just as you've worked yourself up into a near-panic attack, you realize that he’s just a dude waiting for his coffee or something. And then you feel like a moron. You ever done that?"

Yep. My brain does some odd stuff sometimes.

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